01/02/2019: “Solid As A Rock” by Sizzla

Sizzla is a reggae artist with a particular style which lies between dancehall toasting and roots singing.

Not only this, his voice is easy to recognise. He has a rare ability to sing both high notes and rap with a thick, deep patois.

The main motivator for a lot of his songs is Rastafari, and this song is no different.

The music is a fast and driven stomper, with a 4 to the floor bass drum and a galloping bassline.

The guitar picking deftly shadows the bass, and provides a nice counterpoint to Sizzla’s singing.

The content of the song in lyrical terms is a conscious Rastafari tirade against evil, and an affirmation of Sizzla’s belief in Jah.

There are two versions of the song: the one released in 2002 on Da Real Thing, and the one released in 2006 on The Overstanding. It is the version from The Overstanding that I have chosen here, which is faster and harder, without the horns.

A modern classic!

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