01/07/2019: “Keep It Up” by Milton Wright

Milton Wright was the brother of Betty Wright, the much more famous Soul singer. Although his career was nothing like as stratospheric as hers, he put out very good funk and disco in the 70s.

“Keep It Up” is a Soul tune, sizzling with synth magic. The basic groove is decent enough, simple and laidback. But here, it’s the decorative keyboards which really make the tune.

One synth takes the role of a fizzy, electrified flute or trumpet, providing many of the melodic flourishes of the song. The other is an ominous background texture, combining the lightness of strings with the sinister rumble of an organ.

It’s such a chilled out track, perfectly for a long summer’s day or a dusky Autumn evening.

Lyrically, it’s a nice love song, repeating the central message in an almost trance-like way.

The song was released in 1975 as a single, backed with “The Silence That You Keep”.

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