01/08/2019: “Closer (Swing To Mood Dub)” by Mood II Swing

This kind of cross over hit is a good example of a very specific style of house and garage, which I personally love. More bassy and groovy than a lot of house, but more melodic and musical than a lot of garage, this is prime early 90s garage house.

The bassline is such a groove here, thumping out a simple but brutally effective rhythm. The fact that the sound of the bass is like a bass guitar means it fits in very well in the house scene, but it’s a heavy bassline nonetheless.

The drums are so fluid and vibrant, creating an instant dancefloor destroyer! It’s that classic garage house shuffle, using syncopated hi-hats.

The vocals are used more as vocal chops, as part of the background. This is as dub after all. The main hook here is the horn part; although that consists of simple stabs, it’s incredibly catchy…

The song was released in 1994 on the King Street Sounds label.

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