01/10/2019: “Lluvia De Primavera” by Bebu Silvetti

There can’t be many pieces of disco which are more beautiful. This song has all the sublime majesty of jazz, the warmth of soul, the movement of funk.

The sound isn’t electronic, in any appreciable sense. The strings are lush and full, slowly and masterfully creating a sense of calm.

The bassline is similarly unrushed, picking out notes with care, projecting a supremely self-assured serenity.

The guitar in the background is pretty lowkey, gently strumming a vibrant rhythm alongside the rest of the song.

The crucial element here is the piano, which underpins much of the track and providing the captivating hook. It’s probably the boldest melody on display.

The tune is not without its subtleties, with some wonderful, soft choral vocals at the more alluring sections of the song.

The song was released originally in 1975, but a longer version was released in 1977 and became a minor hit. The title is “Spring Rain” in Spanish – and that’s what it brings to mind. Stunning.

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