01/11/2020: “Everything You Do (Todd Edwards Vocal Dub Mix)” by Lenny Fontana

Todd Edwards’ magic touch can take a mediocre song and make it great.

Here though, he started with great source material – Lenny Fontana’s original is great, and the whole EP is worth a listen!

Todd’s mix is the best, however, hands down. The bassline is groovy, the vocals are stripped back to their buttery basics, the drums glide effortlessly like Tony Hawk at his local skatepark, the organ stabs and horns are warmer than a Texas summer.

There’s enough variety to make the 7 minute runtime fly by, and in fact, you might just hit repeat…

The track came out in 1996 on Lenny Fontana Presents Carole Sylvan ‎– Everything You Do, sitting proudly alongside a slew of other quality remixes.

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