03/04/2019: “Folding Shadows” by Om Unit

It would be a bit reductive to try and establish exactly what genre Om Unit is. It’s bass music, somewhere in between dubstep, drum and bass, and breaks. That’s a good enough definition to work with!

His style has evolved over the years, but there are certain commonalities. The drums, although differing greatly in style, tend to be complex. There’s usually a weighty bassline of some sort. Melodies tend towards being drawn out and ambient.

“Folding Shadows” is at 85bpm, which makes it functionally the same as a track at 170bpm with a half-time drum. It’s a distinctive feel; faster than dubstep but still quite slow compared to house.

The rest of the track is quite cinematic. The pads are lush and expansive, as the track flowers into a rich jungle of sound. The bassline is restrained but menacing, a growling presence lurking beneath the other elements of the song.

“Folding Shadows” was released in 2013 on Threads, an album which represents Om Unit’s sonic diversity admirably.

Meditative vibes.

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