03/05/2018: “Thousand Finger Man” by Candido


I came across this on Dj Marky’s Influences compilation. It’s a great album with a variety of unusual songs.

“Thousand Finger Man” was originally the title track of a 1970 LP, which placed the emphasis on the percussion; Candido is mainly known as a conga player.

In 1979, the song was released in a reworked form on the 4 track Dancin’ and Prancin’, a disco album on the truly excellent Salsoul Records. Here, the percussion is downplayed, but still complex, and instead there is a mindblowingly funky bassline which propels the song forward through its 9 minute journey.

The vocals are unobtrusive, with the main hook really being provided by the piano, which exuberantly bashes out a off kilter rhythm.

The trumpet and synth lines contribute to the songs spacey feeling. The whole thing is a pilgrimage to the holy lands of Funk & Soul.

I could imagine this song fitting a variety of situations, from parties to relaxing evenings, to car journeys.  Lovely stuff.

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