04/02/2019: “Deliver Me From My Enemies” by Yabby You

This track features on the iconic soundtrack to “Babylon”, the classic 1980 film about the struggles of U.K. Reggae sound systems when they were trying to establish themselves in a country that didn’t want them.

It’s an absolute classic, one of the best roots tracks out there without a doubt. All the elements are in place, with a solid horns section, a sweet little piano riff, some righteous and soulful vocals, a heavy and interesting bassline, and a chilled out skank.

The horns ring out in an instantly recognisable melody, which complements the bass superbly.

The vocals are sublime, with a dread presence that befits the Biblical inspiration which informs the message of the song.

The title and the first lines of the chorus are actually almost directly from Psalm 59, which is a cry for help from God. That fits the tone of the film perfectly, with its strong stance against injustice.

Yabby You was an icon, famous for his unusual Rastafarian stance of Jesus being more divine than Selassie, and struggled with bad health due to poverty.

The song made a first appearance on a 1977 album of the same name, as well as being made famous on the 1980 Babylon OST.

Root vibes!


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