04/10/2018: “Odessa” by Caribou

Caribou impressed me massively when he posted a Spotify playlist of his influences. This playlist contains about 1000 songs from all around the world, and it was clear to me that this guy really knew his music.

With such an eclectic range of music driving him, it’s no wonder that the music Caribou makes is so interesting!

“Odessa” is poppy oddity bursting with all sorts of mad flavours that normally have nothing to do with each other, but sit alongside each other here in a masterfully crafted sonic cocktail, and garnished with some tasteful vocals.

The song starts off in a restrained fashion, with that bass/midrange combo riff, some vocals, and a shuffling, vibrant drum section.

Then other little parts drop in, with the second half of the track featuring a crazy yet alluring flute, some classic house piano chords and some truly intense guitar picking of some sort. It can be hard to place exactly just what is going on with some of these sounds, but they pretty much all work wonderfully…

The song was released in 2010 on the album Swim, which received a slew of awards and accolades such as best album of the year from Mixmag and Resident Advisor, and a host of other positions from other publications.

Not hard to see why with quality tunes like this one…

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