04/10/2019: “Cunumicita” by Mala featuring Danitse

As one critic noted, Mala’s contribution to this doesn’t go too far beyond adding some tasteful bass.

The original is by Danitse on her own, but that low end warmth makes Mala’s version my favourite.

The song is, perhaps because of this, reasonably different to the rest of the songs on the album, Mirrors,  released in 2016.

The album is something of a follow up to 2012’s Mala┬áIn Cuba. You could probably dub this “Mala In Peru” if you weren’t being fussy.

Unlike the more vibrant and noisy tracks inspired by Peru’s heritage of indigenous music, psychedelic cumbia, and modern electronic music which draws from both, this song conjures images of still Andean scenes.

The song is really about Danitse’s voice, with her guitar playing flitting around her singing. The restrained percussion and minimalist bass help to perfect the track.

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