05/01/2018: “Never Fade Away” by Phaeleh

Phaeleh is classically trained, which shows when he makes music. There’s a certain sophistication to proceedings, definitely.

Hailing from Bristol’s electronica scene, like Massive Attack and a host of others, the music he makes is inspired by the nicer side of Aphex Twin and often seated very close to dubstep. He has at points been a dubstep artist par excellence.

“Never Fade Away” is a track that has a noticeable influence from dubstep, with its meaty sub bass and slapping, skittish drums. But first and foremost, its a chilled out, almost ambient electronica track, which doesn’t demand your attention so much as invite you to get lost in it.

The album from which the song is drawn,¬†Tides¬†(2013) contains a mix of majestic, sweeping tracks thick with textures and sounds, and some light chill out songs. It’s got some middling reviews for being slightly dull, but there’s some lovely songs on it. Like this one!

Very peaceful music.

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