05/03/2019: “She Can’t Love You” by Chemise

This groove is seriously infectious. It could easily cause a dancing pandemic!

The song blends the soulful vocals and the delicate bell sound with a slapping bassline, an lively electronic drum beat, and a sweet multi-part synth hook.

The hook screams 80s good times, but instead of feeling dated, the song feels timeless.

The vocals draw a lot of influence from R’n’B, which at that time often overlapped with disco and soul. Really, this song is better classed as “Boogie” than disco.

As with many of these kinds of song, it’s the basic jam which forms the backbone of the song. However, the rest of the elements of the song help to elevate it to new heights.

Chemise were a husband-wife team, who pretty much only made this song together.

The song was released in 1982, on the Emergency record label.

Boogie down!

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