05/05/2022: “Me Yee Owu Den” by K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas

Some songs – often from Latin America or Africa – have such stupendously hypnotic grooves that you become utterly lost. But the shaka-shaka-shaka drums, the running bassline, vocal chorus, delicate guitar jamming and harmonious horns guide you through.

Before you know it, you’ve found yourself at the end of a 9 minutes odyssey, liquid funk coursing through your veins. 

For a taste of this experience, you can find the track on Analog Africa’s superb Afro​-​Beat Airways – West African Shock Waves – Ghana & Togo 1972​-​1978 compilation, and it was also released in 1980 on Me Da A Onnda.

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