06/09/2018: “Hot Music (Jazz Mix)” by Soho & Pal Joey

Jazz can be groovy, but they don’t tend to play it in dance clubs. This 1989 house banger samples a jazz song from 1986 and turns it from a nice groove, to a groove that makes people move!

The song in question is “Skain’s Domain” by Winton Marsalis, and the sample is only a couple of seconds. If you want to hear the comparison skip to 3:52 on the original jazz track.

Notwithstanding all that, “Hot Music” is a timeless song. It retains much of the swing of the jazz song that it samples, but is reworked in a classic early house style. In fairness, the house version adds it’s own piano, vocal chops, and horns. Otherwise it would just be a loop of the jazz tune with a new drum beat!

And those extra touches work. It’s a cracking song, and altogether makes for a very pleasant listening experience. As an added bonus, you can dance to it as well…

Pal Joey is a bit of a house music legend, and it’s clear why from this sort of quality.

This will never get old!

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