06/09/2020: “Poor Man” by Five Revolutions

A country in Africa which I haven’t touched on so much in this blog is Zambia.

The ‘Zamrock’ scene is one shaped by the tumultuous history of Zambia, and represents something special in music terms.

The fuzzy bass, the funky drums, the strident yet harmonious vocals – it’s almost like a more punky version of reggae!

This track is unmistakably African, and has the familiar psychedelic feeling of 70s rock fusion on the continent. But once you’ve listened to Zamrock for half an hour or so, you really start to gain an appreciation for its uniqueness.

The song can be found on Welcome To Zamrock! How Zambia’s Liberation Led To a Rock Revolution, Vol. 2 (1972-1977), released in 2017 on Now Again records.

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