07/07/2019: “High Hopes” by The S.O.S. Band

The S.O.S. Band are not short on iconic basslines. But this is probably one of their most iconic, and the most funky to boot!

It’s a brilliant piece of boogie, revelling in its easygoing twang. From the start, that bassline reels you in, repeating itself but adding that perfect finish the second time. Simple, and very effective.

The actual song itself isn’t one of their biggest hits. It reached number 25 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Black Singles chart (a combined R’n’B/Funk/Soul chart, the successor to the old R’n’B one).

The drums vibe along effortlessly too, relaxed and groovy by any measure.

The vocals are pure soulful 70s, aided and abetted by a criminally smooth set of floaty keys, a cheeky guitar riff, and an infrequent organ arpeggio run. The devil is in the detail!

The song was released in 1982, as a single.


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