07/08/2019: “Turn Back The Hands Of Time Version” by Job Gibbs

Joe Gibbs is one of the studio owners who can take serious credit for the evolution for reggae music. For one, Lee “Scratch” Perry was employed by him for a bit. But he also had The Professionals backing band, and with Errol Thompson at the controls, he produced many big hits.

This song is an early one in reggae chronology. Although it is a mainly instrumental song, there’s none of the heavy effects which characterise dub music.

There’s also a pleasingly crusty, raw sound, courtesy of late 60s Jamaican recording technology. When the bass goes low, the distortion adds a real warmth.

The horns are jubilant, more than making up for the lack of vocals.

The original version of this is by Tyrone Davis, but the reggae version is much more substantial in my opinion. There’s a popular reggae vocal version by Nicky Thomas.

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