07/10/2019: “Let It Burn” by Goat

This could easily have been made in the 60s. It has that familiar air of hazy crustiness, with a drum break and fuzzy guitar.

The whole song does have a distorted air to it, which works great, adding warmth and a bit of edge.

The musicianship on display is of a great standard, from the guitar noodling to the flute solo. The strings are unexpected, but work well.

The vocals are also impressive, and are strongly reminiscent of early Sabbath. This is a psychedelic tune alright, but avoids feeling too bloated like many similar tracks.

The drummer is given some freedom too, which they use.

Instead of the 60s, this was released last year, in 2018. It does sound fresh though, and not like a rehashed period throwback. The band are willing to experiment, and due to their talent, it pays off!

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