08/06/2019: “Lagos Sisi” by Bola Johnson

Bola Johnson is associated with the Nigerian highlife and afrobeats scenes. He was a bandleader, but his true skill was with the trumpet. At this stage, the band was called “Bola Johnson and His Easy Life Top Beats”.

“Lagos Sisi” is a wonderfully funky song, with a catchy trumpet hook sparring with Johnson’s pidgin vocals.

The track has a sense of boundless energy, but there’s still a strong sense of class. The nuances on the horns are a pleasure to hear.

The song also features a delectable selection of guitar licks, as a good section of the tune is taken up by a carefree guitar solo.

Johnson’s voice was powerful and deep. There’s a sense of impact with his singing.

The song was released in 1973 on Philips records, and appears on the 2010 compilation “Man Don’t Die”.

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