08/08/2019: “Montara” by Bobby Hutcherson

The vibraphone is a variant on the xylophone/marimba type of percussion, with tropical and relaxing notes that ring out splendidly when played by a skilled musician.

It probably goes without saying, but Bobby Hutcherson is one such skilled musician, and this song showcases his abilities in a memorable and engaging way.

The song is a refined and stately glide, which gives each of its components plenty of room to breathe.

There’s a sweet soulful quality, partly due to the dreamy electric piano, but in great measure because of the fleeting, resonant dance of the vibraphone.

The congas are played with serious restraint, becoming a part of the general soundscape rather than dominating or attempting to set the pace too stridently.

It is quite a minimal song in its own way, but all the parts fit together so beautifully.

The song was released in 1975 on the Blue Note record label, the title track of Montara. 


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