09/05/2019: “The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Mix)” by Boogie Times Tribe

The original mix of The Dark Stranger is a fantastic hardcore tune, paranoid but still with healthy dose of euphoria.

The Origin Unknown remix ramps the paranoia to nail biting levels, stripping back the sound and adding the trademark beeps of the type heard on their textbook drum & bass banger, “Valley Of The Shadows”.

This eerie arpeggio is coupled with a sharp breakbeat and a deep, smooth bassline, creating a dark and nervous soundscape.

The synths in the second half of the song add another layer of fear and sonic texture, and all the elements come into their own.

The song was released in 1993 with a Johnny Jungle Remix. There was also another version called the Origin Unknown Re-Remix, which is less stripped back.

As to all the main versions and remixes of the Dark Stranger, it’s hard to say which is the best. They are all different styles, except the Q-bass remix, which is by one of the two guys in the Boogie Times Tribe.

Drenched in fear!

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