09/10/2019: “Good Old Days” by Jack Sparrow featuring Ruckspin

This one is a classic Deep Medi cut. Weighty enough to give Atlas a hard time, yet more relaxed than a lizard basking in the sun, this is classic dubbed out dubstep.

The percussion consists of feathery hi-hats, and an echoing half time snap.

The bassline is slow and warping, remaining sedately confident without threatening to overwhelm proceedings.

The song utilises a variety of hooks, including trumpets, rhodes piano, guitar skanks and a flute.

The song doesn’t feel the slightest bit crowded, though. This is because every element takes it turn respectfully, giving each instrument space.

The intro is a vocal sample from Coleman Hawkins, a jazz player from the 50s, called “Early Days”. This appears on A┬áDocumentary, released in 1956.

“Good Old Days” was released in 2012, the B-side to “Afraid Of Me”.

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