10/04/2018: Purple Rain by Prince

prince 2


Prince was one of the most eclectic and colourful artists ever. There’s just no denying that his originality and creativity made him something of a music genius.

Although he has made many other fantastic songs that may or may not make an appearance further down the line (Follow Twitter or Facebook and you’ll be first to know!), Purple Rain gets the honour of being the first song to be featured on Music365.

prince guitar

Released in 1984, this 8 minute epic is a rock song that builds from a sultry organ verse to a thunderous rocking chorus, and is one of those songs that really can justify its greater than usual length. There is a shorter single version (the long version is from the album of the same name) but to be honest the song is at its most enduring as a grand piece than an easy pop song.

It reached number 2 in the U.S, where it remained for two weeks, and was  certified gold the year of its release. In 2016, when Prince tragically died of an overdose, the song re-entered the charts and reached number four, such was Prince’s staying power and influence on our culture.


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