10/06/2018: “Modus Operandi” by Photek


When I pick the title track of an album, I feel a bit guilty for leaving the others out; I tell myself I’ll write about the others later on. But sometimes, even on a great album, the title track is the title track for a reason.

Modus Operandi is one such great album, with a very distinctive and quite unique sound that straddles between drum and bass, experimental electronica, and jazz!

The 1997 album is something of a masterpiece, and shows why Photek is one of the most respected names in drum and bass/jungle. The drum programming is truly next level.

The song “Modus Operandi” is probably the song on the album that leans most heavily in the direction of jazz. The intelligent drum and bass pedigree of Photek is still clearly evident, but the song feels slower than a typical dance track. The bass twangs delightfully, as the carefree drums scatter about, and the piano conjures up moods of late evenings and good times with its jazzy twinkling.

Still sounds as fresh as the day it was made!



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