11/06/2019: “Maria Tambien” by Khruangbin

I had no idea where Khruangbin where from until I looked it up. Their song names tend to be in Spanish, whereas the name seems to be in some other language.

I did think that they could be from Thailand, because their sound is a modern, funkier take on old school Thai psychedelic rock, with the tight, dubby basslines and distinctive echoey guitar licks.

Having looked it up, it’s true that the name is Thai, meaning “flying engine”, basically airplane. But the band is a trio from Texas, who try to incorporate a range of African and Middle eastern music into their own.

“Maria Tambien” is built around the groove, the bass and guitar following the same basic scheme, although the guitar tends to wander off in its carefree reverie. The drums have enough funky pizzazz to pull it all off too.

The song was released in 2017 as a single, and in 2018 on the album Con Todo El Mundo.

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