11/10/2018: “Creep” by Radiohead

“Creep” is most probably Radiohead’s most “normal” song. Especially with their later stuff, there’s a lot of experimentation and electronic strangeness. Many of their hardcore fans (of which there seem to be more than a few) would argue that that is Radiohead at their best. Perhaps it is.

Even Radiohead got sick of it, refusing to talk about it in interviews and not playing it at concerts. They have reconciled slightly with it now, but you can imagine the irritation at being known for just one song…

But with their 1992 breakthrough song, Radiohead announced themselves to the world. Without “Creep” it’s unlikely that OK Computer and Kid A would exist.

Of course, on it’s own merits, the song is great. Although these days a lot of music seems undeservedly popular (Bieber and Nikki Minaj and company…), this is a song that is relatively original and very catchy, without being shallow corporate noise!

It’s one of those outcast songs, a Nirvana-esque ode to the people who feel like they exist on the fringes. In particular, this song is actually about a stalker who feels worthless.

The song is lethargic and depressed in the verses, and the choruses explode with a bitter rage. But somehow, it doesn’t feel like a horrible song to listen to. The melodies are strong.

The song was released first in 1992 but only got big after being re-released with the album Pablo Honey in 1993.

Dark, but nicely done…

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