12/02/2021: “Away With Your Fussing And Fighting” by Junior Delgado

“How can we have some fun? When rebel a buss dem gun?”

70s Jamaica was often a conflict ridden place. But people were just trying to live their lives – and some of the best music and soundsystems are from that decade.

Junior Delgado is legendary Roots artist, and he speaks powerfully on the troubles of his surroundings.

The version has all kinds of subtle touches. The guitar skanks pulse and flash with vibrancy and fluidity, the backing vocals and horns add colourful stridency, the percussion trills. And, of course, the bass is punchier than Mike Tyson.

The song was released on Augustus Pablo’s Rockers label in 1979. Pablo also produced the track, accounting for the sheer musicality of the cut!

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