12/03/2019: “Romance” by Hiroshi Suzuki

This song is so lovely it almost defies description. The best metaphor I could use is the classic “distilled sunshine” imagery. It’s like a slow motion sunbeam, flowing like golden syrup into a cosy little room.

The ethereal electric piano shimmers and warps, as a gentle trombone skates on top. He plays it so expressively, with a real sense of nuance. Personally, I feel that the trombone is an underrated instrument.

The bass loops softly, with the drums splashing lazily in the background, setting the scene for the slow drift of the organ too.

Hiroshi Suzuki a Jazz musician from Japan, which has a bigger Jazz scene than you might expect.

“Romance” has been sampled in a staggering 41 songs, which gives some idea as to how nice the sounds and melodies in the song are!

The track was released in 1975, on the album Cat. Annoyingly, the album is hard to find outside of Japan, despite regular re-issues. At least we have the internet!


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