12/04/2021: “Tell Me” by Mr Lager featuring Alys Be

The soulful, melodic side of dubstep never gets the love it deserves. With a vocalist like Alys Be, with a smoky, tempting voice, the potential of all that open space typical of tracks in the genre is realised.

Dark, atmospheric synths kick the song off, but quickly give way to warm, jazzy synths, bubbling over with soft reverb.

The beat is a classic too. Agile, flitting hi-hats fill the air between snare hits with aplomb.

Naturally, given the genre, a thick sub bassline simmers throughout the song, adding that extra depth. Just wouldn’t be the same without it!

You can find the song on a 2010 EP released by Sub Freq Recordings, alongside solid remixes from Silkie, Distance and Von D.

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