12/10/2019: “Night Stroll” by Dam-Funk

Dam-Funk, usually stylised with an accent on the ‘a’, makes some exquisitely modern funk. It’s basically computer music, produced on a PC rather than played by a band.

That gives him an incredible versatility when it comes to sounds. The song glitters with whirling synthesizers, from the rich string synths to the reverb drenched hook.

The bassline is crunchy west coast goodness – and one of the key reasons that this song is instantly recognisable as a product of California

There’s a fair bit of grooving undertaken during the song, which keeps the song feeling fresh.

In many ways, “Night Stroll” feels like it could have been made by Flying Lotus. However, its a lot more accessible than a great deal of FlyLo stuff…

The track was released in 2010, on an E.P. called LosĀ AngelesĀ 7/10. The E.P. features two songs by Dam Funk and three by Computer Jay, making for pretty captivating listening.


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