12/11/2018: “Lady Bug (I Just Wanna Be Your Lady Bug) by Bumblebee Unlimited

I don’t know whether they used up all the best grooves back in the day, or whether the pre-internet age was particularly conducive to musical expression, but it seems that even today’s most funky fresh jams struggle to keep up with the old school stuff sometimes…

Much of that is due to guys like John Morales, who turned everything they touch to gold.

Bumblebee Unlimited was a disco band led by Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams. John Morales was involved heavily in that scene, doing a lot of remixes and disco edits, and his version of “Lady Bug” is truly legendary.

The song is groove driven one, with a fine selection of absolutely fantastic riffs, from the bassline (more than good enough to take the song to almost 10 minutes), the piano riff (how could you not like it!?) and some lovely strings in the background.

There’s some whimsical lyrics, which are quite funny, but must necessarily take a back seat to the wondrous bass/piano combo.

The song was released in 1978 as a single, but appears on the 1979 albumĀ Sting Like A Bee.

This kind of disco is truly special…

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