13/10/2018: “Climax” by Slum Village

J Dilla was easily one of Hip Hop’s greatest producers. It’s hard to say what he’d be making now if he hadn’t died of a blood disease in 2006, but I feel confident it’d be good!

Slum Village was the group he was in during the late 90s, along with Baatin and T3.

“Climax” is a relatively sophisticated song for what it is, being a song about a guy who wants to add someone else into his marriage for kicks. The verses, delivered by Jay Dee (Dilla’s rap name), Baatin and T3, are not particularly hamfisted about the subject, so it really does come off like a thoughtful critique of monogamist values. It is what it is though…

The production is where it really shines, with a soulful swing which is amplified by the “It’s like a dream come true” singing by Baatin’s sister. The song really revels in delicate touches and subtle notes, creating a breathy and dreamy soundscape with a wonderful rich bassline.

Fantastic, Vol. 2 was released in 2000, but it had been made a couple of years earlier. It’d been halted when A&M Records went bust, and since Slum Village were signed to them it created problems. Luckily, it did see the light of day!

So smooth…

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