14/02/2021: “Sketch For Summer” by The Durutti Column

Some tracks are just light years ahead of their time. This could have been recorded by some indie group from LA in 2018. But it’s over 40 years old!

It was released in 1980 on The Return Of The Durutti Column. The Durruti Column was an anarchist militia in the Spanish Civil war, led by the legendary Buenaventura Durruti. This band got the name from a French pamphlet from the sixties.

Taking their lead from said French pamphlet, the record sleeve was sandpaper – you don’t want to store this one alongside your prized collection without a hefty cover!

The original sandpaper sleeve!

The music itself, fortunately, is far less abrasive. A gentle, heartbeat drum pulse, with crunchy snare and ambient jungle noise, set the scene for a dreamy guitar duet. The notes echo and blend, creating an ethereal, calming lullaby.

It exemplifies the best of the post-punk experimental sound of the late 70s. Just magnificent…

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