14/04/2018: “Play With Fire” by The Rolling Stones

stones 2

The Rolling Stones are one of the enduring legacies of British rock and roll. They are still very much going, with the band members in no rush to stop even as they enter their 70s. Jagger in particular is still evidently full of life, having had his 8th child in 2016…

“Play With Fire” was released in 1965 and appears on the album¬†Out Of Our Heads,¬†which shows a band starting to break out of rhythm and blues into a more recognisable Stones rock style. The song admonishes a girl who is obsessed with material things not to mess the author about.


It’s a classy slow burning track that makes good use of a minimal backing over Jagger’s inimitable singing. The odd twanging that makes up much of the melody is from a harpsichord, and makes for a nice sound. An interesting quirk is that the track is credited to Nanker Phelge, which is the pseudonym used by the band when they all wrote a song together.


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