14/04/2021: “Edit A” by Lazare Hoche

A good disco edit is about finding a groove and enhancing it. That’s what Lazare Hoche has done here, in masterful fashion.

It’s only a subtle tweak. A heavier beat, a bit of reverb, some chopping and changing. But the end effect is stupendous – you can get lost in this dreamy, Balearic jam forever!

The song takes its cue from ‘Heaven Of My Life’, released in 1981 by Change. That was already a fairly sun-drenched tune, but by focusing on that core riff, Lazare Hoche highlights its potential for modern dancefloors.

You can find the track on LH Edits, a 3 song EP released in 2012 also featuring Martin Hayes’ ‘Stretchin’ alongside Hoche’s ‘Luv Thang’.

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