14/12/2020: “Dr Kitch” by Lord Kitchener

Before reggae, before ska, before soca, there was calypso.

Calypso directly descends from the musical styles brought over from African due to slavery. It blends many different styles – it sounds much closer to the music of the Spanish and French Caribbean.

Lord Kitchener, born in Trinidad in 1922, was a leading figure in the development of modern, popular calypso from the traditional folk styles.

This song shows how Calypso was often used to circumvent the moralistic censorship of the day. Double meanings had been used to allow criticism of whites, but soon grew to encompass all kinds of topics. Baudy innuendos being one!

I won’t tell you what the song is about. You’ll probably figure it out soon enough. And if you can’t, then good for you!

“Dr Kitch” was released in 1963.

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