15/05/2021: “You Can Get Over” by Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills’ career looks different to many other popular soul singers. She started off in Broadway musicals as a child!

But it wasn’t until the late 70s, when she starred in The Wiz, a Black centred version of The Wizard of Oz, that her fame started to snowball. At that point, she broke into disco. In 1979, she had a run of hit singles, such as ‘What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin'”, “Put Your Body In It”, and, crucially, the song I’m writing about now!

All three of the songs above were singles from What Cha Gonna Do with My Lovin’ (1979). It’s an outrageously funky album. This song, especially so…

Mills’ voice shines on the cut. She’s got a powerful, soulful tone which showcases her Gospel and theatre roots. Alongside a cast of bolshy horns, agile strings, and a rapid drumbeat, she gives a stellar performance. Encore!

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