15/07/2019: “Politician Man” by Betty Davis

“Politician” is a song by Cream, released in 1968 on their Wheels Of Fire album. It’s a fair sleazy sounding song anyway, as a indictment of sexually deviant male politicians throughout the ages. It’s about a politician trying to entice some girl walking along into his car, basically.

Betty Davis takes that ball and runs with it, upping the sleaze levels until the whole thing reeks of non-disclosure agreements and powerful men trying to get their way. Coming from a female singer as well seems to make it that extra bit more biting.

The start of the song is particularly loose, with the various parts of the song careering into each other in a way which sounds a bit unpractised (which it was) but belies a talented studio group.

The song is from a studio session run by Miles Davis, Betty Davis’ husband and Jazz-Fusion legend.

These sessions were released in 2016 on Columbia Years: 1968-1969. 

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