16/04/2018: “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” by Roy Ayers Ubiquity


I must have heard this song hundreds of times. Even more when you include the various remixes and bootlegs that crop up periodically! And the song never gets old. Every time I hear it the effect is the same; liquid sunlight dripping out the speakers and flowing slowly into my ears, every part of the song in perfect harmony.


Roy Ayers has a natural flair for soulful brilliance, and this song is probably the peak of his musical endeavours. Like a lazy summer’s day, the song is in no rush, basking in a warm glow throughout. The rich strings provide a tasteful backdrop to what has to be one of the greatest odes to the SunĀ  since the days of Aztec sun god rituals.

Ayers himself doesn’t dominate proceedings, with the vocals having a strong female chorus component to them. The real star of the show, in my opinion is the unexpectedly sweet squeal of the synthesizer which provides much of the melody. The piano, as well, could not be improved as far as I’m concerned. The jazzy swing the song possesses really gives it special feel, and goes a long way to justify its position as the eponymous title track of his 1976 album.

It’s a great song for the summer months, sure, but this song exudes summery vibes whenever you play it, even when the sky is grey and threatening to rain!

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