16/04/2021: “The Night (Club Mix)” by DJ Tonka

This is one of the most addictive songs ever made. It ought to come with a warning of some sort, like over the counter codeine. Do not take for more than 3 days continuously. See a doctor if symptoms persist.

Mind you, as the side effects for a dose of DJ Tonka mainly consist of euphoria, inner peace, and the urge to dance, there’s a solid case for rolling out it more widely to give the population a lift.

I must have listened to this song several hundred times over the years, and only recently, I picked up on the subtle component to the main riff from about 1-2 minutes, providing emphasis on the bouncy synth.

In many ways, the song is a ‘best of’ of European 90s underground house. A chunky bassline, classic piano, an earworm melody, and a placid yet unstoppable beat.

The track was released on the artist’s own Uplifting Records in Germany in 1997, backed with ‘Security’.

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