16/12/2020: “Enough About Human Rights” by Moondog

We share the world with a multitude of other species. Sometimes, I think we can forget that a lot of these animals have been doing their thing happily way before humans every learnt to control fire.

Moondog makes the point in a typically quirky way, listing all the other animals which are getting overlooked as we continue the march of progress.

The vocals aren’t super rhythmical, but they are insistent!

The piano drives the track forward, with a simple progression of notes underpinning the song, garlanded with delicate bouquets of higher pitched notes.

The drums are quite non-committal, but the selection of softly played congas and shakers add a nice organic feeling.

You can find “Enough About Human Rights” on H’art, released in 1978. It’s very different from much of Moondog’s more grandiose work, but just as strange…

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