17/02/2021: “Somewhere” by The Danse Society

I think Goth has got to be one of the most misunderstood subcultures. Many people get it confused with the later ’emo’ trend, for one.

I’d never really given much thought to what Goth music was. I’d heard emo music and decided it wasn’t for me…

Goth music is much cooler. It’s 80s. It’s punk. It’s quite unlike any music released since.

This song, for example. It is essentially post-punk, due to the catch all nature of that word and the time the track came out. It’s undeniably a murky affair. However, it doesn’t lack energy.

That plucked bassline gives an ominous edge which contrasts with the guitar chords – but supports those suitably Gothic vocals brilliantly!

The biggest surprise of all is the synth breakdown. It hints at the new wave influences throughout some of the Goth scene.

“Somewhere” was released as a single, first in December 1982, then reissued in 1983.

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