17/02/2019: “Shaolin Style” by Shyheim featuring Squig

Shyheim started impressively young, with his debut album being released when he was 14, in 1994.

That means that this song, from the 1996 album The Lost Generation, was released in 1996, when he was just 16. Pretty impressive!

At the time he was a rising star, and rapped with many big names in the New York hip hop sing. He was most associated with the Wu-Tang Clan.

“Shaolin Style” is classic 90s hip hop, bursting with bravado, with a funky swagger overlaid with a couple of incredibly lyrical verses.

The chorus of the song a vocal sample of Method Man, showing the Wu-Tang connection.

The main melody is sampled from “Settle For My Love” by Patrice Rushen, a solid soul disco cut from 1979. It’s a sweet little organ riff, which gives a light feeling to the song.

The drums are cut from “Hydra”, a 1975 Jazz track by Grover Washington Jr, giving the track a nice swing.

What a great vibe!


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