17/05/2019: “Coronus, The Terminator” by Flying Lotus

2014’s You’re Dead! is a trippy meditation on death and the afterlife. I read an interview at the time where FlyLo talked about his thoughts on heaven and hell, and it’s clear the man is pretty spiritually inclined.

Death is a theme of much of his music, and here it takes an apocalyptic tone. Niki Randa, who sings on this song, says that she is singing about the death of mankind as a species. With the worrying political climate, and even more worrying actual climate change, this is a valid concern…

The beat is a cosmic, jazz infused contemplation, and is literally an anthem for the angel of death. The lyrics portray a personification of death as a liberator, freeing souls from the suffering of the mortal plane. In keeping with this, the track uses gospel vocals to create an atmospheric of divinity.

Like many Flying Lotus songs, the melodies underpinning the song interact with a dense wall of textures; unlike many of his songs, “Coronus, The Terminator” is rhythmically easy on the ear, settling into a relaxed haze.

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