17/05/2021: “All I Need” by Kasious

The intro to ‘All I Need’ is one of the greatest in the history of D’n’B. Ominous doesn’t cover it. The atmosphere is cavernous…

The twisted, dark pad, with layers upon layers of alien, industrial menace, stands alone for the first minute. But when the warm 808 bass swell hits, gilded with a half-remembered rhodes piano riff, you enter an edgy, tense dream.

The breathy, soulful “all I need” vocal sample, against this backdrop, becomes a paranoid yet beautiful ode to dark rooms and heavy basslines. And the technical, methodical drum pattern? The icing on the cake.

This absolute banger saw the light of day in 2014, through the grace of Evil Audio. The single is backed with ‘Prisoners Of Our Minds’.

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