17/10/2018: “Shine Eye Gal” by Black Uhuru

Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare are two of the most famous names in reggae. Sly Dunbar plays drums, and Robbie Shakespeare plays bass guitar. So when you see Sly & Robbie listed under the production credits, you know the rhythm section will be hard!

Black Uhuru means Black Freedom, and was a roots band fronted by Michael Rose, who is a legendary reggae singer.

“Shine Eye Gal” features a fearsome bassline, that pulses and flows in a militant style that was years ahead of its time.  The vocals are brilliant as well, and all the elements of the tune fit so well together.

The lyrics are about a girl who uses “puppy eyes” to get her way despite acting up all the time; a “shine eye gal” refers to sort of teary looking big eyes, like Puss In Boots in Shrek…

The song was released first in 1979, and was then included on the 1980 album Black Uhuru, which in was a re-release of the 1979 album Showcase, and finally was released in 1983 as Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner. The important thing, as with all these songs, is that it was released!

Wicked tune!


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