17/11/2020: “Feel The Drive (Instrumental)” by Doctor’s Cat

Sometimes I find that songs from the 80s and 90s have quite embarrassing lyrics. Especially so for genres such as Italo-Disco or Trance.

This is the former – prime Italo-Disco from 1983. Frankly, I can’t take the vocal version seriously, spirited though it is. But why deny the brilliance of the beat?

This is a masterpiece of its kind. The chugging bass, dripping with cyberpunk flavour, plays host to the soaring synth and mellow synth-strings. All the while the beat punches on. There’s even a solid performance from some sort of keyboard solo.

There are elements of the vocals which add a certain something. Perhaps it would have been better to make a dub version, rather than a pure instrumental. This song is more than engaging enough to power through 6 minutes by itself, however!

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