18/07/2019: “From The Bottom Of My Heart (Disco Socks)” by Omni

Disco has become a genre saturated with collectors and crate diggers. This has good effects and bad effects…

The good is that old and obscure tracks see new life, and end up on the internet and on compilations. That can only be a good thing!

However, a song like this now goes on discogs for about 150 quid. This particular track is admittedly a very obscure one; Omni was the house band of a restaurant called The Patio in Sarasota.

The title is a play on “disco sucks”, which was a reaction by certain rock fans against disco culture and everything it stood for.

The bulk of the song is made up of little pieces of funky excess, such as the judicious use of jazz flute at the start, the chic-a-chic-a-chic of the guitar, and the all conquering keyboard solo. They really let the synth player go for it here!

The song was released in 1979, but saw a re-release in edited form in 2011 on the BBE compilation Disco Demands. 

Brilliant stuff!

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