19/02/2021: “Violence In The Street” by Julian Marley featuring Damian Marley

It’s well known that many of Bob Marley’s children and grandchildren are musically gifted. Damian Marley is perhaps the most successful in his own right.

This collaboration between Damian and Julian Marley shows plenty of Marley fire, lashing out at gangsters who terrorise Kingston.

It makes you wonder. If Bob Marley was born in the 80s, would he now be a dancehall artist? I tend to think that he would – and I think he’d be great at it. And I think that Damian Marley is a glimpse of what might have been, if that had been the case.

Not to disregard the other Marley sons. Julian Marley’s modern take on roots makes for fine listening, and here, in ragga mode, he performances admirably.

“Violence In The Streets” came out in 2011, with a King Tubby dub mix on the B-side.

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