19/03/2019: “King Bromeliad” by Floating Points

I have already done a song by Floating Points, the rolling and murky “ARP 3”.

This is something of a different style, but the brilliance of the musicianship is no less obvious.

“King Bromeliad” is the definition of a slick groove. It’s a seriously classy affair, with a highly Jazzy swing, and a funky rhythm section. At heart, it’s a house music track, even if it is quite avant-garde.

Pretty much everything in the track feels a bit syncopated, from bass, Rhodes-y key stabs, and the breakbeat inspired drums. However, it doesn’t lurch; it smoothly dances from one beat to the next.

The song has a variety of different melodies competing for space. Maybe competing is the wrong word, to be fair. It’s more like a well practised band improvising together!

The song lasts about 9 minutes, maintaining interest by becoming variously more stripped back and then busy.

“King Bromeliad” was released in 2014, as a single with “Montparnasse”.

The start of the track is actually a recording of the track being played at the Plastic People club night!


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